Time to Warrior Up

Gypsy Twins feat. Ava Flava & Mestre Rauil
© 2010

gBROWN: When I get thinkin bout all the flaws n errors in the formula I worry sick about the population that isn’t as strong as we when I get down into the dirty of what the nitty gritty problems be it make me sick to know the one s’posed to fix em just won’t be as strong as we. It’s Time to Warrior Up!
Investigate the new priorities vote wit ya dollars by investing in trees whether it’s coconut or açai gotta make sure the picker pickin’s livin’ strong like we and I ain’t talking bout how buff he be I’m talking bout the needs financially environmentally and socially so his family can grow strong like we…

AvaFlava: I hate to say it cashcrops rule everything around me cream I was born in privilege half-Brasilian with American dreams I love my fam cuz they do the best they can to guide my path in this freedom land I gotta freedom plan to power up my mind I could be starving in favelas struggling just to survive but I’m blessed you bet and I know if I live my life givin all my best to shine light I can and I will opportunity knocks cuz those with opportunity create opportunity for those with none a one love design gBrown, CookieJar tell em what’s the time…

Mestre Raiul:

CookieJar: open up ya minds eye i’z a shaman a capoeirista dodgin’ global problems syncin’ up with mother nature doin’ a dance to rain the answers to the cancer of mister modern man the condition of the land we live in sacrificed for cash gotta change the channel fast on our mantra a new day is upon us global warming is alarming still we choppin’ down the forest we the people must respect the plight of local farmers show the system can be honest from the bottom to the top it’s time to warrior up now raise ya warrior cup my peaceful warriors up and down the map what’s up it’s time to warrior up it’s time to take off the gloves dance like a butterfly n let the dialogue erupt it’s time to warrior up my people round the world it’s our responsibility to every boy and girl it’s time to warrior up we set the world on fire we take it higher n higher n higher n higher!

It’s Time to Warrior up!
we seekin’ root restoration
It’s Time to Warrior up!
and consciousness elevation
It’s Time to Warrior up!
into the next generations
It’s Time to Warrior up
this kind of movement it will never cease
It’s Time to Warrior up
we never break concentration
It’s Time to Warrior up
even in soul celebration
It’s Time to Warrior up
connecting nation to nation
It’s Time to Warrior up
when there’s injustice there will be no peace…

gBROWN: The triple bottom line here is that the Amazon has got to stop being cleared irreversible devastation so drastic the last forty years yeah the triple bottom line here is that those trees are bound to disappear unless the best bring the best from the rest who’ll be best off conquering their fears.
It’s time to Warrior Up!

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