Gregory Brown and CJ Pizarro

┬áIt’s about time we revamped our internet headquarters! After nearly four years of independent projects on opposite coasts, the Gypsy Twins reunited this summer in Portland, Oregon and are gearing up for the release of a long-awaited official album release…

Words of wisdom:

“Today’s another blessed day on the grind gotta hustle, son if you want the shine get your mind open wide let the sunlight in, rising with the early morn’, maintain that self-determination til the break of dawn, all day, your heart should never stop pumpin’, you ain’t hustlin if your feet and nose’re not runnin’, eyes on the prize, best ya be clever, never say never never buckle, the bigger the dream the bigger the struggle.”

Stay tuned, more updates on the way…


The Gypsy Twins Productions Crew

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Gregory Brown & CJ Pizarro